The Dream of the 90s is alive in Portland!

008In July, Brad and I took a mini vacation to Portland! We had wanted to go earlier in the year when The Replacements were playing, but their show there was sold out. Brad kept talking about wanting to take me to Portland because he was sure that I would love it. So, when we found out that one of our favourite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, was doing a show there, we certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

001A gorgeous view from the plane. Brad was tasked with taking this photo, as sometimes I find it extremely difficult to look out of airplane windows.

002SO. MANY. FOOD TRUCKS. Lamentably, we didn’t get to partake in any of them. Portland, lovely as it was, kept a temperature of 40°C the entire time that we were there. Suffice to say, we spent a lot of time indoors, and I was a sweaty Megan.

003I basically want to live there.

004“You’re taking my photo while we look at menus? That’s such a tourist thing!”

005Beer. Om nom nom.11703569_10153480679682416_7295349893894701641_o

00611850736_10153480679782416_4745446960306023038_oI’m not much of a coffee fan, but Brad certainly is! Thankfully, they had tea. Although I forgot that it was “American iced tea,” and not “Canadian iced tea.” 00711807135_10153480681112416_9080403722888820467_oHey, I know some of those places!

11807331_10153480680047416_7650251459340174911_o11816349_10153480681117416_5041893241827996212_o 009On our second day in Portland, we went to the zoo! Naturally, it was the hottest day while we were there. A lot of the animals were sleepy and not doing much. I can’t say that I blame them.

010I’ve come to the conclusion that bears are basically big, dumb dogs.
11834767_10153480680402416_4504422533897711220_o 011Okay, seeing real live elephants was amazing. But equally, if not more amazing. was this elderly Southern woman standing next to us who declared “I ain’t never seen no elephants before!” Oh my god, she was darling.

012 013The main event! I unfortunately didn’t get any pictures from the show, as there were no cameras allowed. But Jim was absolutely hilarious, and retold his famed Hot Pocket bit.

014A blurry photo of Brad and I in the Alrene Schnitzer Concert Hall. :) 015Happy travellers!


Brad thinking about his true love … pizza. ;)

“I’ll stop making faces at you when you stop laughing!”

A few weeks ago, Brad and I had a mini photo session with local photographer, Lara Eichhorn! Over the summer, she is offering sessions to couples on the cheap, making her gorgeous and professional photos accessible to those who may not want to shell out hundreds of dollars for photographs, which I think is wonderful!

Aside from a number of “selfies” and pictures taking on ours and others’ phones, Brad and I don’t have a whole lot of pictures. After almost two years together. we decided that we should probably fix this. Despite the less than stellar weather, and the beginnings of a cold for Brad, the session was fantastic! Lara was so wonderful, and after a few minutes my nerves definitely began to calm.

Here are some of my favourites!

meganbrad002 meganbrad004 meganbrad005 meganbrad007 meganbrad009 meganbrad010 meganbrad011 meganbrad020 meganbrad022 meganbrad023 meganbrad024

If you live in Victoria, and want some stellar and professional photos of you and your person, Lara still has plenty spots open for her mini sessions over the next month! Check her out!


Back in April (shh, don’t tell me that it’s the beginning of July), I had the pleasure of going to Seattle again! Brad and I had both been to Seattle before – for two nights, and one day last November. With only one day in Seattle last time, we got all of the major touristy stuff out of the way – visiting the Pike Place Market, climbing the Space Needle, and wandering through EMP. Looking back, I’m surprised we managed to cram so much into one day! This time we had two full days to enjoy Seattle, and enjoy them we did!

The trip was born of Brad’s favourite band, The Replacements, embarking on a reunion tour. He’d seen them back in 2013 (after years of thinking that he’d NEVER see them live, as they disbanded in the early 90’s), and they played a couple of festival gigs after that. But this was their first tour since getting back together. As soon as I received a text months ago (likely in all caps) that they were touring, I knew we’d be going to a show. And I was more than okay with that! I like The Replacements well enough, and it would definitely be a good time! I’m a big fan of music and concerts. We originally wanted to go to the show in Portland (because I have yet to go there), but it sold out remarkably fast. The Seattle show still had available tickets, and we both fell in love with the city during our short visit there, so we figured why the heck not!

Next weekend, we’re off to Portland, so I thought that maybe I should be a good blogger and get some of our pictures from our trip almost three months ago up on my bloggity blog! (Forgive the quality of the pictures, they were all taken with my less than stellar iPhone)


On a boat, on our way to Seattle!

17We spent quite a bit of time up in Capitol Hill, which we’ve come to realize is our favourite neighbourhood in Seattle. Next time we go, we’re probably going to stay in an AirBnB in the area if we can!


Elliott Bay Book Company, which I never wanted to leave.



No journey to Seattle is complete without a visit to the Public Market! We spent a lot of time just wandering through, checking out all of the vendors. I did end up buying an art print (a re-imagining of the Seattle skyline as if done by Van Gogh).


Some sweet jams being played down at the Public Market.


We almost went for a ride, but my fear of heights won this round!


We went to a delicious pizza joint called Rocco’s for dinner! The best part (aside from the pizza)? Their drink menus were in re-purposed kids’ books!


I love this man more than I love pizza.




The main event! While Brad was naturally super stoked for this concert, I found myself all kinds of excited too! By the end of the night, I would be a fan. :)


The decor inside of the Paramount is just stunning. I took a lot of photos of various light fixtures.


THE REPLACEMENTS! The crowd exploded when they took the stage – although seeing them was delayed. They performed behind a curtain for the majority of their first song, leading me to think that may be how they played the entire show (it would not be out of character for them to do something foolish like that).


“Androgynous” performed with Paul Westerberg in a tent for some reason.


It was an absolutely stellar show to kick off their tour. Sadly, it seems that they may have parted ways again. No official word, just rock star antics on their last show of the tour in Spain, but Brad has told me it would not be out of character for them to do something like that and remain together. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see!


Our last day in Seattle we didn’t do a whole lot, mostly wandered around and tried to find things that we hadn’t seen or done before. We took a tour of Seattle’s underground, and needless to say it was very informative and oddly hilarious.

016No trip to Seattle would be complete without a cocktail at Zig Zag’s! We drank a little too much, and told stories from our teenage years, some neither of us had heard before! It’s so nice that after being together for over a year (close to two now), Brad and I still have so much to learn about one another!

We already want to go back, but there’s so many other things to see and do in the Pacific Northwest, so we figure that we should probably see some other places as well. Despite living in Victoria for over a year, we still haven’t been over to Vancouver! Anyone I mention this to declares, “You’ve never been to the mainland!?” We’re working it. Maybe after Portland. ;)