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LISTENING TO "If I Had a Heart" by Fever Ray on a constant loop. Earlier this week, I watched the first two episodes of History Channel's show Vikings (which I love more than words can adequately describe already). Aside from the show itself being visually stunning and featuring a wide array of characters that you love to love and love to hate, something that really stuck with me was the opening theme. The imagery was breathtaking, and the song that played during it really stuck with me. Naturally, I had to find out what it was and listen to it over and over and over again. It fits so well with the show, and is so hauntingly beautiful.

READING "Attack of the Theatre People" by Marc Acito. I read the first part in this series, "How I Paid for College" while enduring layovers and delayed flights during my trip to and from New York, and it was an absolute riot! Strangely enough, I had originally picked up this book a couple of years ago, not knowing that it was a sequel, and it wasn't until I was a couple of chapters in that I actually figured that out. I haven't gotten far along in it this time around, as I started reading it last night after a twelve hour day spent at the office, so after a couple of chapters my brain sort of just fizzled out and stopped comprehending anything other than the chanting of "sleep, sleep, sleep!" Really, this series has everything that I could ever want in a piece of literature: the 1980's, New York City, misguided and misspent youth, theatre, musicals, sexcapades, jazz hands! Yes! Get into my eyeballs!

THINKING ABOUT what comes next. As I mentioned previously, my major resolution for this year was to do and be more. With my pilgrimage to New York City done (but oh, how much I want to go back), I need to focus my attentions elsewhere. The original plan was to recover mentally and financially and then look into taking yoga classes, which is still the primary objective, and I'm currently shopping around various studios and asking friends about their experiences. But more than that, I have no desire to be stagnant, and am still working toward another one of my goals - embracing simplicity. I'm in the process of purging a lot of stuff from my life, mainly material possessions, and it's harder than it sounds. I have more purses, scarves, shoes, and coats than is acceptable for one person to own. I plan to get all that stuff together, and invite my girl friends over to have their pick at things. I'm planning on selling my monstrosity of a desk, and getting rid of my television (I don't watch it much anyway). I have pack rat tendencies, so the Great Purge of 2013 will be hard for me, but I know that it's something that I really need to do.

FEELING tired. I am one of the ten people in the world who absolutely love winter. But even us winter lovers reach a point where we declare, "Enough!" I have reached that point. I keep holding out for one more epic snowstorm that will cripple the city, but with each one that misses us or ends up being nothing but flurries, my patience goes away. Further to that, the long winter months leave me feeling so tired. No amount of sleep is ever enough, and there is not enough tea in the universe to assist in waking me up. Work is in it's slightly maddening period, and I'm coming home at the end of the day feeling drained for energy. I am intensely looking forward to Easter weekend, as we're getting four days off, and it will be the first time I've had that much time off since Christmas to just relax (there was practically zero relaxing done in New York). Though I enjoy sleeping, I certainly don't enjoy being tired so much!

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