Rainy Days


Last month I promised to update more, because surely with the weather cooperating I would be doing more! And doing more seems to result in updating more (how many times can I say more). Unfortunately, I'd forgotten where I live, and that I tend to be at the mercy of the weather. Aside from a few sunshiny days earlier in the month, Nova Scotia has been plagued with, what feels like, 40 days and 40 nights of rain and absolutely crummy weather. If it's not raining, it's cold, and if it's not cold, it's raining. Sometimes it's cold and rainy. I'm one of those people that's very much affected by the weather, and days such as this (because yes, it's rainy today) tend to promote staying inside, catching up on reading and television.

So, needless to say I haven't done much of all the things that I've been planning on doing that has involved adventuring out into the world. Being without a car makes commuting when the weather is like this not very pleasant at all, and at times soggy. I keep wishing for a Saturday where the sun is shining, but so far it alludes me - and it's almost June. I grow a little envious of seemingly everyone I know elsewhere in the world talking about the nice weather, how they sat on their patios, or went for a walk with the warm sun on their backs. Oh, Nova Scotia. I've lived here all of my life, and still I don't understand its weather patterns - perhaps I never will!

But while my attempts to do things that don't involve me being indoors have been thwarted, that doesn't mean I've spent the entirety of the month sitting on my butt doing nothing (well, most of it). This past Tuesday, myself and my friend, Becky, saw Legally Blonde: The Musical at Neptune Theatre. I hadn't expected to enjoy it as much as I did! The cast was stunning, the songs were fantastic (the opening number is still stuck in my head), the sets were lovely, and it was just an all around good time! If you live in the area and haven't seen it yet, I recommend seeing it within the next twenty four hours, because it closes tomorrow (I'm getting into the habit of waiting until the absolute last minute possible when it comes to seeing plays).

I've also started doing yoga with my friend, Danielle! It was one of my resolutions this year to look into yoga and start taking some classes, and I had waffled on it for so long. Bless Danielle for mentioning that she was interested in doing it too, and had found a studio that she wanted to check out. I've been to three classes so far and I'm enjoying it immensely! It's a bit of learning curve for me, as I've never done yoga before, and I'm discovering how out of shape that I truly am. I'm not quite sure I'm getting the poses or the breathing down pat just yet, but that's what learning is all about. Just in the past two weeks I've been feeling better and sleeping better, though a little sore. I suppose that it comes with the territory, and I'm not at all complaining.

I hope that you are all well, and that the sun is shining wherever you are! If you can spare it, could you please send some my way? I think I've forgotten what it looks like ...

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