Boston // Part One


Okay, I think we can all agree that I suck at being able to keep a blog updated semi-regularly. We'll blame it on factors besides the fact that I procrastinate for now. ;)

Since I am not so great at updating, I told virtually no one via the blogosphere (although I certainly talked about it elsewhere) that I went on vacation to Boston for a week in August! The vacation itself was much needed - aside from a couple of long weekends, I hadn't really had a vacation since I went to New York City earlier this year. And things at my job can get pretty crazy, so the fact that a week long vacation isn't mandatory for every employee every quarter is beyond me. But moving on ...


I'd always wanted to go to Boston, as Halifax has very strong ties to the other city. A lot of sports fans up this way support Bostonian teams, and after visiting Boston I can say that the two are very similar in a lot of ways. I love Halifax, but Boston is definitely the city that Halifax aspires to be. A harbour city steeped in history, marrying the old and new (although we seem to have a lot of trouble with that in Halifax). And, as an added bonus, I got to visit my dear friends Jackie, who lives in Massachusetts, and our friend Nell, who flew in from Wales! It was a fantastic week, and I definitely kept everyone busy because I wanted to see everything. Almost a month later and I'm still missing them both very dearly, and I can't wait to see them again.

Because my vacation was a week long, and I have this habit of taking an absurd amount of pictures (I think Jackie and Nell began to get a little annoyed with how often I stopped to take a photograph of an insignificant building just because I thought it was pretty), I'll be breaking up my recap of my time in Boston into a couple of posts. Trust me, it's better this way!


The first day we didn't do much - basically I recovered from flying (of which I'm still not a fan), and we hung around the apartment and watched Star Trek: Voyager. But on day two we checked out the Bunker Hill Monument, and went for a stroll around Charlestown! The day started off kind of damp and rainy, but cleared up late in the afternoon and stayed sunny and warm until my departure a week later!

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