Boston // Part Two


My third day in Boston was also my first day using Boston's awesome transit system. I'm sure that some of you are laughing at me, but you need to understand. Halifax's transit system isn't that great. Sure, it eventually gets you from Point A to Point B, but it might take a long while. Plus, I've discovered I'm a big fan of the subway. Any city I go to where I have an opportunity to use it, I try and get my fill!

We spent the afternoon in Cambridge, which is absolutely lovely, and even though it was gorgeous in the summer with all the greenery, I can only imagine how stunning it looks in autumn when all the leaves begin to change colour! Cambridge is also home to Harvard University, and while we didn't walk along the grounds, we certainly walked along the outskirts, and I snapped photos like the tourist I am.


Before we did a whole lot of walking, we stopped in and had lunch at a little place called Tory Row. Their flat-bread was delicious!


This actually may be one of my favourite photos. I went to snap a photo of the street sign, and this fella walking across the street jumped into frame. I thought it was quite hilarious! He apologized afterward, but I told him that he just made the picture that much better!


Look at how pretty my lady loves, Jackie and Nell are. :) We did a lot of map looking at during our time in Boston. I love the city deeply, but dang can it ever be confusing! (Or I just suck at maps ...)

IMG_2615 IMG_2616 IMG_2618

I can officially say that I've been to Harvard. ;)

IMG_2619 IMG_2621 IMG_2626 IMG_2632 IMG_2635

The John F. Kennedy Memorial Park. Boston sure loves its Kennedys!