It's really not a big secret, or even a little bit of a secret ... I love food.

I thought that I had it good in Halifax, all sorts of tasty and delicious foods and drinks. But the more I think about it, Victoria might have Halifax beat. There's certainly no shortage of places to eat in Halifax, but it's the same old everywhere - bar food. And don't get me wrong, I love me some bar food, but it's nice to eat something else, or have a certain flair put on something.

Halifax, I also find, is prone to trends. At the time that I left, burger joints and frozen yogurt shops were popping up everywhere. Eventually the market gets over-saturated, and trends die. I'll be surprised if a lot of those places are still open when I eventually visit home - and I hope that they are! I love burgers and froyo!

Brunch is a big deal here in Victoria. There have been a couple of times when Brad and I have gone somewhere on a weekend, only to leave because the line goes out the door. It's on days like that when we tend to go to the chain, Chez Cora, or our new favourite local eatery, John's Place. Of course, Brad being the wonderful cook that he is often makes us breakfast and brunch on the weekends, and it's better than anything we could pay for in the city. My friend Ryan, who is currently off a couple of days during the week, has shown me some other great spots, and some hidden gems as well!

One of my first meals here was at Yates Street Tap House, and it was delicious. The bar/pub scene in Victoria is reminiscent of back home. Except that there are even more microbreweries here than there are in Halifax! I don't think I've had a big brand name beer since I arrived, and I'm keen to keep it that way. I have a soft spot for Ithaka Greek Restaurant as well. It was where Brad and I went for dinner on Valentine's Day, and the food was nothing short of amazing. Delicious and decent Greek food is sometimes so hard to find!

And of course, there are sweets. There are an abundance of shops where you can indulge your sweet teeth. I've only had the pleasure of trying out a couple, but look forward to trying out many more! Being currently without employment, I've been spending time in some tea and coffee shops. Like most things, there are an abundance of them here, and I'm looking forward to trying them all. My favourite so far is probably Murchie's, as they serve more tea than coffee. Brad is definitely a regular at the Habit Coffee location that's closest to his office.

There is an overwhelming amount of food here in Victoria, and we have barely indulged in a fraction of it, but here are some links to my favourite places thus far. If you're in the area, give them a whirl! There's something for everyone.





As I've said, I'm far from an expert on all things delicious, but I know what I like. And Victoria has yet to disappoint my taste buds!