Catching Up


March was a whirlwind of a month around these parts of the world that make up a part of my life. And now that we're more than half way through April, I feel lousy that it took me so long to get around to putting it all into words. But, let's try, shall we?


After about a month and a half of being unemployed and restless, I managed to score my first job interview at the local university. One follow up interview, and a few calls to my references later, I was offered the position. It's a year long reception gig, which is fine and dandy, and I'm not about to balk at the hours. I'm just so happy to have a job after what felt like searching forever. Everyone there is really awesome, helpful, and chill. It's always extremely helpful to be working with a group of people who are eager to help you be the best that you can be in a new position. Even the professors have been extremely helpful about walking me through the steps in preparing and doing things for them. And if I can make their lives easier, then everyone wins!


The month of March also saw probably one of the hardest "adult" decisions that I've made in my life so far.

Brad and I had long ago agreed that we wanted to get a dog, but figured we'd wait for a lot of things to happen - more money to come in, having a place to live that we were happy with - and all that jazz. On a whim one rainy day, we decided to go to the local SPCA to kill some time, maybe just have a look at the kinds of animals that they had, get to know the staff. On our walk through the dog kennels, we saw and fell in love with a Rottweiler-German Shepherd mix named Pearl. She was four years old, and had been found on a local reserve. They'd suspected that she recently had puppies, and had spayed her when she came in. She came in that Thursday, was spayed on the Friday, and we met on the Saturday.

She was an absolute darling. Full of kisses and cuddles. I just about cried when she put her head on my lap when we were let into her kennel. After some discussion with the SPCA and our landlords, we arranged a meeting between Pearl and our landlords' dog the following day. They got along really well, and the people SPCA asked if we wanted to take her home. Asking two dog lovers if they want a dog is both a good idea and ill advised - we said yes in a heartbeat. Our friend, Ryan, came by to give us a lift and to help us take her home.

While she was a good mannered dog and full of affection, it became apparent to us within the first couple of days that there were some of her behaviours that we just could not control. We planned to enroll her into classes, until I began to feel uneasy around her. Not that she would've ever knowingly hurt anyone, but she was a big dog that had no concept of just how big she was. Feeling uneasy around your pet is never a good thing. More and more we just came to realize that despite all the love we had for this dog, all the love that she had for us, and  as much as we wanted to try with her, we were just not the right family for her.

Taking Pearl back to the SPCA was one of the most difficult things that I have ever done. Dogs are family, you just don't take them back, but we all knew that keeping her would just make everyone, including the dog miserable. We were really sad for a few days, and even now, a month later, sometimes we talk about her and it still hurts. In the end, we know that we mad the right decision.

It was a learning experience, if nothing else. Sometimes I miss her goofy face, and the things that she did that didn't make me stress cry (like rub her face on the carpet, like curl up against you if you sat on the floor with her). But, we know that she's been adopted since we took her back - and we hope that it's with a lovely family, with a big yard for her to play in, hopefully with another dog friend for her to play with.


Despite the month and a half between posts, not a whole lot has gone on. Which I kind of feel badly about! But for a long time I had no income, and then when I did start working at my new job, a lot of those first couple of paycheques went toward paying off some debt.

Then Brad got a touch of the flu and was laid out for the majority of the Easter long weekend. The end of April, beginning of May, is ramping up to be exciting, if for no other reason than I really want it to be! Now that Brad is on the mend, I fully intend on dragging him outside (though he is often willing) so that we can explore more of what our new city has to offer.

I have been seeing my friends in the city a bit more, which has been both helping my homesickness and adding to it a little bit in a strange way. I love my friends that I have here, but I miss my friends back home a lot too - and my family. It's been almost three months, and it really seems to be settling in that I won't see a lot of people until December more than likely. Having a small pocket of friends here is grand, but it also reminds me that I have a lot more that aren't here. Loneliness is a strange thing some time. I've never felt more "not alone," but there are times when I feel particularly sad that not everyone I care about and love is as accessible as they once were. It's part of growing up and being an adult, I suppose. You certainly don't care about anyone any less, but keeping in touch with people becomes particularly important. I've been trying to get better at it, keeping in touch with people, but a four hour time difference sometimes hinders it. That, and my friends and I are (admittedly) not the greatest about getting back to one another quickly. It certainly makes for having a lot to talk about it when we are able to touch base, though!

All of that being said, I've never been happier. I wake up every day feeling so wonderful (if not a bit groggy and disgruntled that I've been roused from my slumber), looking forward to what the day has to offer. Because each day has offered something new since I've arrived, and there's been nothing quite like it that I can recall.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds.