Life around here lately!

01Victoria, you're so pretty!

When we first arrived in Victoria, we had grand aspirations that we'd get over to Vancouver, go to Seattle, maybe even Portland, etc. But just because we're closer to all of those things, doesn't mean we can get to them right away! And we've decided that's okay. We're putting our pennies away so that we can get home for Christmas, and we'd both like to get our drivers licenses and maybe buy a car, or at least sign up for a car share program. Sometimes being a responsible adult isn't fun at all!

But that doesn't mean that we can't have fun in the city and on the surrounding island! I think that we both sometimes forget that all of this is new to us as well, and even though it's home, it doesn't mean we've seen and done all that we want to see and do. We've taken to getting out and about a little bit more, and just since my last post we've done a lot!

02We clean up pretty nice, eh?

My friend Ryan hosted a New Year's Eve themed birthday party for one of his friends, which he invited almost everyone he knew to. It was fun to get dressed up and "ring in the new year" with people, some who I already knew, and some who I'm still getting to know and hope will become friends. We started off at Ryan's place with appetizers and homemade cocktails, before going to a bar that the birthday girl liked. Brad and I only had a couple of drinks there before calling it a night - but not before I got some dancing in! It was just a really good time, as I expected that it would be.

During the long weekend in May, we managed to get out of the city for a day with my cousin Ryan, and his wife, Angie, to go for a little hike! We drove across the island just past Port Renfrew, and happened upon a place called Avatar Grove, where Canada's Gnarliest Tree lives. I realized how painfully out of shape I was as I struggled to climb the steeper trail, and also realized that I need to invest in some active wear, because skinny jeans and Puma sneakers with no grips on the soles do not good hiking attire make. But it was still a lot of fun! The drive itself was quite lovely as well, and I would love to go back out that way to see more of that side of the island.


The weekend afterward ended up being jam packed as well! Our landlords threw their Annual Louisiana Shrimp Boil, and invited us to come join them. I'm not big on seafood, but Brad is, and we certainly weren't going to turn down an invite to a party. I really like our landlords, and I appreciate them inviting us to things (they had invited us up to their section of the house to watch the Men's Gold Medal hockey game during the Olympics).  We didn't stay long, as we had concert tickets, but I did have a beer (Brad wasn't quite feelin' it that day ...) ans we got to partake in the actual eating, which is the best part! The shrimp (plus sausages, corn, what have you) all get boiled in this pot, and then dumped onto a table, and it's basically a free-for-all! Everyone crowds around and eats their fill. I had some corn, which was absolutely delish!

As for the concert that we had purchased ticked for - IT WAS AMAZING! Victoria's two large theatres - The Royal Theatre and the MacPherson Playhouse - are celebrating anniversaries this year. Rock the Royal had nine local bands perform a three song set - two of their own songs, and a cover of a BC artist. It was such a great time! Brad and I both absolutely love music, and were both quite fond of the local music scene back in Halifax, so we wanted to start getting out to more shows here. We ended up leaving the show at the Royal with seven new favourite bands. And despite getting tickets so late, we got great seats! It was an excellent introduction to the Victoria local music scene, and I'm so glad that we were able to go! We plan to go to many more shows.

04Isobel Trigger, Towers and Trees, Steph MacPherson, and Vince Vaccaro!

On that note, we went to go see Destroyer at the Roxy Theatre! What an excellent venue for concerts. It used to be a movie theatre, but it's been re-purposed for small, intimate shows. Any place where I can get popcorn and beer is aces in my books. Destroyer himself was absolutely fantastic, it was wonderful to hear his songs stripped down to nothing but an acoustic guitar. The opening act was atrocious, and little more than noise. At one point I left to use the washroom, and decided to just not go back until his set was done. I felt a little badly leaving Brad all by himself, but not too badly. ;)

05What a rad lookin' marquee!

All in all, summer is shaping up to be wonderful and action packed on the West Coast! I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds.