On the importance of Date Night.

datenightIt's important to make time for yourself, and it's also important to make time for yourself and your partner.

At least once a week, Brad and I go out, just the two of us, and have dinner, get some drinks, go see a movie, whatever we happen to be in the mood for. It may seem silly - we live together and spend a lot of our free time with one another (a friend of ours jokes that whenever he wants to get a hold of us, he just messages which ever one of us he contacted last because he knows the other isn't far away). But, most evenings, while magical in the fact that we get to spend them together, involve us cooking dinner, doing housework, reading, relaxing, yelling at the television because of sports, and what have you. The sort of things that just happen because, y'know, life.

Despite being together, we both think that it's really important to make time to "be together."

I've heard a lot of people (no one I know personally, thank goodness) say that the notion of two unmarried people who live together and who don't have children having date nights is silly, because every night is date night! Well, no. It isn't. Try as you might, even the most well intentioned of people and couples get caught up in life, sometimes letting your relationship fall to the wayside. It's a less obvious form of neglect than perhaps the sort of outright form you think of when it comes to couples, but it can still be damaging.

It's so important for a relationship to carve time to just be together. The day-to-day isn't part of it, there's no pile of dishes to tackle, it's just the two of you ... together.

For our last date night, we went to our favourite bar, ordered some beers, crushed some burgers, watched some hockey on the televisions, and chatted. Getting to experience things that I love (beer, burgers, hockey) with the man that I love is always one of my favourite things.

I was a little tipsy as we walked home, but feeling warmth in the pit of my stomach. Not from the beer, but from love.