Ready or Not ...


Everyone has "The Plan."

No matter how big, or how small, I don't know many people that don't try and have a plan for how the next few years, months, weeks, are going to go. It feels good to have a "Plan," it helps to give you a bit of direction, and when you're feeling a bit listless or despondent for whatever reason, there is something that you can set your watch to.

"The Plan" for Brad and I has been pretty simple: live in Victoria for four to five years, move to either a bigger city or closer to the East Coast (with a lean toward killing two birds with one stone by way of moving to either Ottawa or Quebec City), pay off debt, get two to eighty dogs. There's not a lot to it, and it leaves some room for wiggling. We knew when we moved to Victoria that we likely wouldn't stay forever. We love Victoria, but it's a bit too far from our families for our liking.

"The Plan" has changed.

We figured that we would be leaving Victoria in the next year or so, but life has decided to throw us a curve ball, and we will be leaving a littler sooner than intended.

Next week, Brad will be starting a job in Vancouver. And in the next month, we will be packing our bags and leaving the island for the mainland.

It's resulted in a lot of emotions.

Even though we planned on leaving, the fact that we'll be leaving sooner than planned or intended has left us both feeling a bit heartsick. We love Victoria, but there are no opportunities here for Brad, and I can work pretty much anywhere, so it makes sense to go where the money will be for Brad. On the other hand, we're both very excited about making a move to a bigger city that holds more opportunities for the both of us, and excited to go somewhere new!

And thankfully, Victoria isn't that far from Vancouver, so we will probably still see our friends from here frequently. Though getting to and from the island can be a bit of a pain, it's not terrible. Plus, everyone in Victoria who frequents Vancouver is always looking for another couch to crash on ;)

Change happens when we least expect it. And though we're saddened by leaving the place we've called home for the past three years, we're excited to see what the next three years bring!