A musical taste of home!

Since we began dating, Brad has introduced me to a multitude of new bands. I considered myself pretty knowledgeable about the music scene before we met, but my knowledge paled in comparison to that of my self-professed music snob. A few weeks ago he bought an LP by a band from Halifax, COUSINS (despite the fact that we do not yet have a turntable) - but it came with a free download! Needless to say, I thought that they were pretty great.

Imagine our joy when we discovered that they were playing a show here in Victoria! I'll take any little taste of home that I can get, especially if it's the music scene. We managed to win a pair of tickets, courtesy of Atomique Productions, who were putting on the show at Lucky Bar. I never win anything, so I was psyched to win something as sweet as concert tickets (even if it was Brad who technically won them, I like to think that I won by association).

We hadn't been to Lucky Bar yet, and suffice to say both Brad and I thought the execution of the space was rad as hell. It's definitely a show bar - with a couple of tables near the entrance, a narrow section that the bar and some mingling room occupies, and a large area in front of the stage. I'm looking forward to attending many more shows there while we're living in Victoria!

The opening band, Wand, were a little late starting, which meant a late night for the two of us. Considering we fall into bed around 10:00 pm during the week, anything that keeps us up until then on a weeknight is a "late night." Yes, we're old. And what? We like sleep! Suffice to say, the entire show was worth being a little sleep deprived the following morning.


We'd never heard, or heard of, Wand before the night of the concert. But, much like a large number of local bands and singers we've discovered while being in Victoria, they were amazing, and a band we'd like to see more of in the future. Personally, I'm a huge fan of any band this day and age that employs the use of synthesizers. They were a very fun band to listen to, and it was nice to see a small crowd of people dancing up by the stage (Brad and I hung back to finish our drinks first). I've always felt a little badly for opening acts at shows, because a lot of people are rarely there to see them. I suppose it helps when you have a wicked sound and engage the crowd, much like Wand did.

There was a brief intermission, which I used to get a couple more pints from the bartender for Brad and I, and to find a space at said bar to set ourselves up at during the COUSINS portion of the show. I like to be as close as I can to music, Brad is simply happy to be there. There's a happy medium where we can lean against the bar and have a great vantage point of the stage - so we took it!


After a brief sound check, COUSINS took to the stage, and delivered a little over an hour of absolute blistering and passionate rock and roll, infused with their own unique sound. When you think of East Coast music, COUSINS exists in a spectrum all their own. They don't sound like they're from the East Coast, and with some artists from around my neck of the woods, sometimes that can be a detriment, somewhat limiting the exposure that you'll receive (though not in all cases). And COUSINS transcends that. They're also extremely fun to watch live! They're a rock duo - guitar and drums only - and the guitar player is one of the happiest looking people I have ever seen. The drummer is a powerhouse, almost hypnotic in the way that she plays. There were a lot of moments during the show where I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

It was over all too quickly.

COUSINS, though a great band on vinyl (or whatever medium for your music consumption may be) are even better live - something that I feel does not happen often. I don't know about you, but I'd rather go see a great band who sounds better live than one that is clearly all studio magic. If you're interested in seeing them, you're in luck, as the show we attended was a launch of a mega tour that has them finishing in the Netherlands. I encourage you to go and check them out!