The Dream of the 90s is alive in Portland!

008In July, Brad and I took a mini vacation to Portland! We had wanted to go earlier in the year when The Replacements were playing, but their show there was sold out. Brad kept talking about wanting to take me to Portland because he was sure that I would love it. So, when we found out that one of our favourite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, was doing a show there, we certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity!

001A gorgeous view from the plane. Brad was tasked with taking this photo, as sometimes I find it extremely difficult to look out of airplane windows.

002SO. MANY. FOOD TRUCKS. Lamentably, we didn't get to partake in any of them. Portland, lovely as it was, kept a temperature of 40°C the entire time that we were there. Suffice to say, we spent a lot of time indoors, and I was a sweaty Megan.

003I basically want to live there.

004"You're taking my photo while we look at menus? That's such a tourist thing!"

005Beer. Om nom nom.11703569_10153480679682416_7295349893894701641_o

00611850736_10153480679782416_4745446960306023038_oI'm not much of a coffee fan, but Brad certainly is! Thankfully, they had tea. Although I forgot that it was "American iced tea," and not "Canadian iced tea." 00711807135_10153480681112416_9080403722888820467_oHey, I know some of those places!

11807331_10153480680047416_7650251459340174911_o11816349_10153480681117416_5041893241827996212_o 009On our second day in Portland, we went to the zoo! Naturally, it was the hottest day while we were there. A lot of the animals were sleepy and not doing much. I can't say that I blame them.

010I've come to the conclusion that bears are basically big, dumb dogs. 11834767_10153480680402416_4504422533897711220_o 011Okay, seeing real live elephants was amazing. But equally, if not more amazing. was this elderly Southern woman standing next to us who declared "I ain't never seen no elephants before!" Oh my god, she was darling.

012 013The main event! I unfortunately didn't get any pictures from the show, as there were no cameras allowed. But Jim was absolutely hilarious, and retold his famed Hot Pocket bit.

014A blurry photo of Brad and I in the Alrene Schnitzer Concert Hall. :) 015Happy travellers!


Brad thinking about his true love ... pizza. ;)

"I'll stop making faces at you when you stop laughing!"

A few weeks ago, Brad and I had a mini photo session with local photographer, Lara Eichhorn! Over the summer, she is offering sessions to couples on the cheap, making her gorgeous and professional photos accessible to those who may not want to shell out hundreds of dollars for photographs, which I think is wonderful!

Aside from a number of "selfies" and pictures taking on ours and others' phones, Brad and I don't have a whole lot of pictures. After almost two years together. we decided that we should probably fix this. Despite the less than stellar weather, and the beginnings of a cold for Brad, the session was fantastic! Lara was so wonderful, and after a few minutes my nerves definitely began to calm.

Here are some of my favourites!

meganbrad002 meganbrad004 meganbrad005 meganbrad007 meganbrad009 meganbrad010 meganbrad011meganbrad020 meganbrad022 meganbrad023 meganbrad024

If you live in Victoria, and want some stellar and professional photos of you and your person, Lara still has plenty spots open for her mini sessions over the next month! Check her out!

Boston // Part Five


This post has been a long time coming - almost four months, in fact (if you count when I actually left and returned from my trip)! I've read that the key to blog readership is consistent updates, and I have definitely failed in that regard. Thankfully, my blog readership tends to be good friends, most of whom are well aware of my high level of procrastination, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that my last entry recapping my Boston trip is extremely tardy. Also, I have some big news to inform you all of in the coming weeks - so stay tuned for that!

My last couple of days in Boston were a bit more laid back than the first few, but ultimately still fun and awesome! I think that I was beginning to get exhausted. That and I wanted to enjoy and savour spending time with my friends!

The fifth day in Boston was dedicated to actually finding TD Garden, as I'd previously lead Jackie and Nell to the financial district the day before ... which was in the opposite direction. D'oh! Being the huge hockey fan that I am, I definitely wanted to see the statue of Bobby Orr, and sort of just bask in the general awesomeness of being where the Boston Bruins play. They're not "my team," but they're my Dad's, so of course I had to get him a souvenir.

IMG_2844I look so tiny!

After checking out TD Garden, we decided to make the pilgrimage to a Davids Tea, a popular tea company up here in Canada that is beginning to branch out into the States, and receives a large chunk of paycheque every couple of weeks. We spent hours wandering around Boston looking for the one that had been suggested to us by someone's map app, and ended up in this adorable community filled with brownstones. It was a hipster paradise (complete with bicycle covered in flowers), and I never wanted to leave.

IMG_2854 IMG_2860

We got some lovely iced teas, and then sat outside at one of the little bistro tables to drink and just take it all in. It was a lovely summer day (although I remember it being a little warm and slightly uncomfortable), and it was so nice to just sit outside with two of my buds and indulge in tea drinking!

IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2868

My last day in Boston was very bittersweet. We did a lot of fun and awesome things, saw some great sights, but for the entire day I was very much aware that I was leaving Jackie and Nell behind, which made me sad. I did my best not to think about it, as I still had the whole day with them, but it was very difficult to not take them with me when I eventually did leave (so much so that I kept getting distracted while getting my bag checked).

We had lunch at the oldest tavern in America, the Bell in Hand Tavern. Anyone who knows me well knows my fondness for both history and beverages that have an alcohol content, so this was right up my alley!

IMG_2886IMG_2892IMG_2893Just me and my new boyfriend. ;)

After lunch at the Bell in Hand, we did some more wandering, eventually finding our way to the Old State House, which was the sight of the Boston Massacre (or if you're less dramatic, as Nell and I are, The Incident on King Street). It was really cool to see such an old building nestled among the more modern buildings like that, and it reminded me a lot of Halifax in that way, marrying the old with the new.


The interior had a really nice gift shop, plus some rooms filled with artifacts from the Incident on King Street, or things that had belonged to prominent figures in Boston's history (some of John Hancock's clothing was there). Some of the little exhibits seemed a little corny, but there were no complaints from me, as I was just really excited to be there!

IMG_2916IMG_2920I don't care how old it is, I'll still drink it.


After our stint in the Old State House, we deemed it only appropriate to walk down to the harbour and sit for a little while. It was a really nice day, and there was a bit of a breeze coming off the water. Sitting and basking in the sun next to the water is certainly a favourite summer pass time of mine, and so much better to share it with two lovely ladies!


After sitting by the water for a little while, we decided to go and get some ice cream. I can't remember for the life of me now which flavour I got, but I remember it being very yummy! We had a quiet night in, watching some more Star Trek: Voyager and a movie. Jackie and I made fajitas, which Nell had never had before, so Jackie had to prepare Nell's for her, which was kind of adorable. Nell also got to witness Jackie and I eating Mexican food again (we'd had nachos the previous night), and be in awe of our ability to make Mexican disappear.

Looking back on my Boston trip, even months later, I'm still so sad that I had to leave. It was easily one of the best weeks of my year, and probably even my life. Anyone who ever tells you that internet friends are "just" internet friends are foolish. Bonds formed with people, regardless of how you've met them, are very real and wonderful things. Were it not for this silly little thing called the internet, I never would've connected with Jackie or Nell, nor would I ever have met them, and that thought makes me sad, because they are both such wonderful and remarkable ladies. I still miss being in the same room as both of them.

IMG_2952I love you both!

Boston // Part Four


Some day in the lifetime of both you and me, my posts about my trip in Boston will be complete. But it is not this day! Sorry for the extremely dreadful lack of updates lately, but my job is in its peak busy season, which means that I am too. But lets forget about work for a while and go not too far back in time and recall my wonderful time in Boston, shall we?

While our day at the aquarium was one my favourites, our day at the Museum of Fine Arts was just as awesome, but for different reasons! It's definitely hard for me to choose between animals and history/art. The museum itself was massive! I've been to a few museums in my day, but this was probably the biggest that I've ever had the pleasure of wandering through. It was so big that it got to a point where we were too tired to carry on, and having hit all of the spots that we had really wanted to, decided to call it a day.

If you're ever in Boston, this is definitely in my top five list of places that you absolutely need to go to. Try and start at the top and work your way to the bottom, that way your feet and legs won't get so sore. This tends to be my go-to advice for museums and galleries. Bring a water bottle, and don't stand too close to the paintings and artifacts (even though when the alarm goes off it's a little fun to watch the other patrons flail).


This lovely statue greets you upon entering.





At this point I definitely could've used a nap, but I didn't think museum staff would be too keen on it.


The artifacts of my people! ;)












Augustus. What a babe.



Very tired and very happy girls filled with all the histories!

Boston // Part Three

So sorry that it has taken me a bit longer than I had anticipated to get the third installment of my trip to Boston up! I usually tinker with these posts when I have a free moment at work, and as we ramp up for our busiest few months, free moments simply have not been in the cards.

Day four in Boston was one of my favourites (although let's be honest, I loved them all)! We went to the New England Aquarium and saw lots of adorable and interesting animals! Anyone who's known me for longer than a month knows of my fondness for penguins, and here there plenty! We also had lunch in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and did some wandering around and exploring in that area. There is so much to see, do, and eat there, so we didn't get the opportunity to see, do, and eat all of the things, although I certainly like to think that we tried.

The aquarium was dark, so a lot of my pictures didn't turn out so fantastic, but here are some that did! There are lots of fascinating animals - like seahorses, penguins, turtles, eels, frogs, and all manners of fish! If you're in the area, or are planning on going, I definitely recommend putting this place on the top of your to-do list!


One of my favourite parts of the aquarium was the stingray tank! You could reach in and pet them. They were very silky. :)


I am really and truly not a big fan of jellyfish, but sometimes they just look so pretty.




It was so cute, because these water sprinklers were on, and a lot of the penguins were just relaxing close to them. Some even looked like they were napping.

IMG_2660 IMG_2676

Turtles ... um ... snuggling?

IMG_2684 IMG_2685 IMG_2693 IMG_2700

This sea lion looked so happy!

IMG_2703 IMG_2717

A statue of Samuel Adams just outside of Faneuil Hall. Mr. Adams, there's an excellent selection of beers made in your name. God bless, America.