Summer Song.


I am unaccustomed to it feeling so much like summer so early in the year.

Months of May past in Nova Scotia, the weather in the midst of this season is a slow transition from spring to summer. Usually, what most perceive to be spring is non-existent back home - there's a cold that still lingers with the occasional day of warm sunlight, and before you know it, you're in the throes of summer, wondering how it got so hot so quickly.

In Victoria, we've been enjoying a steady warmth, slowly building toward the temperatures in the twenties that we've been experiencing this week. I am not normally one for the heat, I prefer the cooler days of autumn and the chill of winter, but with the days of summer come some of my favourite activities. Swimming! Camping! Hiking! Barbeques! Sitting on a patio drinking a beer and just listening to the leaves rustle! (Although with the latter two I will not have an opportunity to do them in my current digs, as we lack a patio on which to sit and barbeque.)

I am very much looking forward to experiencing summer in a province that I've never been in before. In Halifax it gets far too warm and humid, but I've been informed that the summers here are relatively cool (very rarely will it go past 30°C and there is a lack of humidity), so maybe I'll actually get to enjoy the outdoors this year. Too often the heat kept me inside in Halifax, which is a severe bummer when you actually want to be outside enjoying the sun!

This week it has been particularly warm, and I find myself lacking in the appropriate clothing department - shopping trip, anyone? Last night, Brad and I went to the local pub to grab a bite, some beers, and watch the hockey game, and it was far too warm inside. No A/C to speak of it seems, and the backs of my legs stuck to the seat in the booth. Yuck! Definitely one of my least favourite feelings.

Victoria is unlike Halifax in so many ways, and it's so exciting to get to experience different things. But one that has me a little sad is that once the warm weather begins to be a bit more of a constant, every bar and restaurant in Halifax begins putting together their outdoor patio. There are very few places here that seem to do that - they have some manner of outdoor patio all year around, though people rarely sit on them. I'll have to investigate this further, as I was itchin' to do some sittin' on a patio last night.

Because there's nothing quite like when the heat of the day begins to taper off, and a warm breeze still lingers.

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