Taking Stock // February


February was a bit meh for me. In speaking with Brad, we were both feeling a little on the grey, storm cloud side of things. The beginning of February saw us both getting sick and being knocked on our asses for about two weeks. A word to the wise, if you can help it, only one person in the relationship is allowed to be sick at a time. Though it was nice to pass out on the couch together in fever and medication induced stupors, housework and a lot of the other necessities that come along with being an adult suffered. This meant tackling those things with a vengeance once we were better. I've never done so much laundry all at once in my life.

We've discovered that February kinda is the pits in Victoria. In Halifax, the snow is usually piled so high in February that you can't go out even if you want. In Victoria, there is no snow, but the skies are grey, the days are short, and the rain is endless. It's not that we can't go out, it's that we don't want to. We spent a lot of February being couch potatoes, which isn't really how either of us like to live.

Thankfully, the middle of February saw us heading to Vancouver for the weekend! Brad's Christmas gift to me last year was tickets to see my favourite hockey team, the Colorado Avalanche play the Vancouver Canucks. More on that trip at a later date, but it was perfect for breaking up the monotony that seemed to be February.

But now that we're into March (finally!), I already feel infinitely better! Probably because even in just the past few days, Brad and I went out and enjoyed some sights in Victoria, saw a movie, had brunch with friends, and have plans to go out for dinner tonight. Smell ya later, February!

Forever ago, I used to do a series called Currently. Naturally, I sort of fell of the rails, as tends to be my modus operandi when it comes to blogging. I wanted to get into the habit of taking stock of things that are currently going on in my life, but the way that I framed the Currently series involved too many words sometimes. Which, despite being a writer, can be a little daunting. So, now it's time for a much more succinct and monthly version of Currently, now appropriately called Taking Stock!

Lately, I'm ...

Making: time for my hobbies and passions. Cooking: as much as possible! Brad tends to be the cook in our house, as he used to work in kitchens, and quite frankly, he's better at it than I am. But I do have a knack for cooking that I'm trying to embrace more fully. Drinking: a lot more water. Reading: The Fourth Estate by Jeffrey Archer. Wanting: some new clothes. Looking: more and more like the woman that I actually feel like. Playing: a lot of 90s alt rock. Wasting: the last sip of tea, because it always seems to go cold. Wishing: that I could've made it to my friends' wedding a few days ago. Enjoying: time spent with friends. Waiting: for summer to arrive! So many exciting things and plans! Liking: the planner I got for 2016. For real. I promise I won't stop using it in two months. Wondering: if the shoes that I'm wearing today are shoes or actually torture devices. Loving: cantaloupe and kiwi. Hoping: for more sunny days. Marvelling: at the mountains. Over two years on the West Coast now, and I still am constantly boggling over mountains on the horizons. Needing: all of the chocolate. Smelling: like berries. Wearing: an abundance of leggings. I put on 15 pounds over the holidays that have yet to come off, and needless to say, many of my bottoms don't fit. Following: an absurd amount of corgi Instagram accounts. Noticing: that it's time for some new bras. Knowing: I am loved. Thinking: about the surprise that I'm planning for someone. :) Bookmarking: ideas for our home. Opening: so many tabs in Firefox. Feeling: content.

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