These boots were made for walkin’.

I had promised myself that I wouldn’t make any large purchases (or any purchases aside from essentials, really) before my trip to New York in February. But, I am in the market for some new knee high boots. My current ones are suede, and really haven’t been standing up to this Atlantic Canadian winter and its salty sidewalks and streets, so I wanted something a little bit more resilient.

After wandering the mall for about an hour, going to my favourite shoe stores, Aldo and Spring, and coming up empty handed, I stumbled into Town Shoes. I usually find this store to be a bit out of my price range, but I figured boots are something that I can justify spending a little bit of extra money on! And I wanted something really comfortable to walk around the city in (both Halifax and New York).

Imagine my joy, when I found these beauties.

As soon as I put them on my feet, I fell in love. Have you ever put on a pair of shoes, that just fit so perfectly that you sigh audibly, and the person sitting next to you cocks an eyebrow at you because you’re surely some sort of weirdo? Yeah, these boots and I shared that moment.

They’re Steve Maddens, and were worth every penny that I spent on them. I’m a big advocate for buying quality footwear. As someone who spent six years working on her feet, I speak from experience when I say that you really can never spoil your feet too much!


3 thoughts on “These boots were made for walkin’.

  1. They are VERY nice boots! I am jealous. But mostly because I can’t really find any boots that go past my ankle because I have… well I have fat calves. lol.

    • Why, thank you! I usually have to buy a size up to accommodate for my calves as well. I think boot manufacturers think that everyone’s calves are like twigs! Haha! I have pudgy legs for my shoe size, apparently.

      Have you ever looked at boots with an adjustable back? I’m linking you to the Sears website, because I’m not certain off the UK equivalent, but a lot of larger department stores offer boots like this now, I believe. The adjustable back, with all its ties and zippers and whatnot, can be adjusted to most calf sizes, I believe. :)


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