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antiquitea: -noun
a combination of the words antiquity (the quality of being ancient or very old),
and tea (the most delicious beverage of all time).


meganyellowMy name is Megan (also known as antiquitea), and this is my blog! It originally started out for me as a place to post opinion pieces, but seems to have a evolved into a place where I share what’s going on in my life.

Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, I moved with my boyfriend, Brad, to the West Coast in early 2014, where I have been embarking on a whole new series of adventures. As such, this blog gives me an avenue to share what it is going on in my life with people from my hometown that isn’t Facebook, which I feel can be quite impersonal!

A bit about me: I’m an administrative professional, with a brand of expertise working in education. I currently work at a large research based university on Vancouver Island. I’m also a writer, currently slogging through my attempt at a first novel, while also contributing content for Obvi, We’re the Ladies, Guys Girl, and That’s Normal. I suffer from an extreme case of wanderlust, and am perpetually planning my next vacation, while simultaneously trying to live in the moment. I love dogs more than I love most people, but the people that I do love are some of the greatest humans in the universe.

My writing is a labour of love, but it is still work! If you love something I wrote, please consider donating or buying me a coffee. Thank you!


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