Making lists.


My life is a series of lists as of late!

I'm a big fan of lists, have been since I was younger. I have notebooks filled with lists - movies I've watched, books I've read, groceries I needed to buy, places I wanted to go - that sort of thing. Thank goodness for sites like Listography (though it tends to lean more toward pop culture consumption than anything else) that help me keep my life organized! And it has such a pretty interface as well, if you're willing to play around with it and make it yours. There's also scraps of paper in my purses and pockets, shopping lists mostly, but also little things to remind myself that I really need to do X and Y.

In preparation for my big move, I have a notebook dedicated solely to lists. Things I have to cancel, places where I need to change my address, things that I've sold or am looking to sell, what I'm giving away, what I'm packing and taking with me, what I'm packing and keeping at my parents' ... the list truly does go on and on! And there's my to-do list at work, which consists of my regular duties, plus getting things in preparation for me not being there anymore. I'm training one of my co-workers how to do my job, and you never realize how much you actually do until you need to train someone to do it all.

I've also started creating lists for things that I want to see and do in my new city. I told myself initially that this was silly, I'm going to be living there, so I don't need an itinerary of what I would like to do in my own home. But on the flip side, it will be nice to have something to reference when my boyfriend asks me, "What do you want to do with weekend?" and I can respond readily with which museum I'd like to go to, or whether or not I'd like to go and see a hockey game, or which restaurant I've been dying to try.

Perhaps I'm too organized, but I know how my brain is wired. If I didn't have lists, or actually write something down somewhere, I'm sure I would forget it. And I don't know about you, but there's something really satisfying about crossing off something on a list - it's a tangible way to say that yes, I have done this. Now onto the next!

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